‘Learning is pleasurable but doing is the height of enjoyment’

– Novalis

3rd June 2014

So today, with increased numbers, we were able to spilt in to sub groups and pick up momentum. We had a group laying the bags, another digging the freshly delivered earth and transporting it onto site, whilst another group set about finalising the roof finish (hat) and building its structure. The roof design is aimed at keeping the dome, breathable yet waterproof, the bags can’t be washed away or sealed to the outside. There will be a hat like structure of two layers of tyres supporting a living roof, this will allow the water to be used by the greenery, and any excess water will run off and fall from the over hang, leaving the lower plastered area of wall dry, whilst an inner layer of tyres under a DPC will allow the walls to breath, having a ventilation network. Something particularly exciting today is that the layers are now becoming noticeable harder and really beginning to take form, it was great to really get back into full swing and to once again have more sub groups all working together, as cogs to the overall process. A productive day!