Bags of Fun if Nothing Else

2nd June 2014

So today the first job we had to do was to phone and order more earth, yesterday we knew we were getting very low and it was looking like earlier estimates would now  need doubling. So with more earth ordered for tomorrow, we finishing tamping the last layer and folded over the DPC, using our freshly prepared and very locally sourced stakes to pin it down to the layer and then we added the traditional ring of barbed wire before starting the next layer. As we added each new ring, with two teams symmetrically filling the bags, we began bag races, which team could fill to the front first, it was a lot of fun (however we were careful not to forget importance of being accurate and careful, I promise). With every layer we made ourselves tamper for a while then, measure up the radius, before tampering more where necessary, always aiming for an equally level, flat and compressed layer. Today the form work was extended where needed over the lobby, never an easy task, it took a lot of work but by mid afternoon it was finished and very strong.  Finally today one person was able to start creating the roofing cover, experimenting with recycled tyres, which can later be filled with earth potentially for a living roof. When we all finished up for the day we were happy to see that it was really starting to take shape and gain height, a great days work guys!