On-going Project and construction planning, idea testing (drawings/model making)

7 April Final model workshop

9 April Meeting with Estate, presentation of the project and discussion about logistics.

2 May Public presentation of the project to all those who are interested (students and members of the public). Discussion about the aims, timeframe and challenges involved.

3-21 May Preparation work, acquiring materials

27 May-9 June Construction, workshops and presentations

10 June Final presentation of the building and report of the workshop procedure. Discussion about ArchiLOVE’s performance during the last year and suggestions for forthcoming events and project ideas. Additionally, people who are interested in conducting research about their dissertation based on this project (Module ARC 3003 – Research Project), will then have to present their findings, which should soon be finalised and written in a presentable format. The research’s results will be published on the group’s website.

10 June – 31 Sep Tests and measurements of performance

10 June – 31 Dec Collecting Data, summarising results preparing publication