A narrow escape

7th June 2014

Today despite a morning of persistent rain, with good numbers and fresh members to the team, we were able to get straight on with our target of finishing the layers. As the morning pushed on the rain caused us a few problems and forced us into an early lunch but by mid afternoon, the layers where looking good, with the gap in the roof really starting to close in and the arch of keystones also well on the way to being finished. With slightly higher levels of water in the soil, due to all the rain, we added extra stakes to normal. We also moved all the sand and clay for rendering, kindly delivered by Trevor, on to site, along with the freshly arrived roof turf. By the end of the day the skylight had been sealed ready to be placed tomorrow and we had laid the final seven layers, with 3 extra layers which than no longer brought in the radius of the dome, but formed a angled wedge to hold this central skylight. So the dome has now reach its full height, luckily, as work started to prove very difficult at such a height, if you had to be inside the dome to work, it was now a matter of balancing on a board supported by two stacks of tyres, with the easiest exit once inside, a very narrow escape through the door form work. On leaving site we had worked out a method of how to fill the gap between the main dome and entrance arch and this work had started. A great day in terms of progress, lets home all goes as well tomorrow when we can remove the form work, windows and add the roofing cover.