The Big Top

Monday 9th June 2014

The first job on site today was to take out the earth bags to expose the North window, with highly compressed bags filling the opening; you have to be very brutal with them, slitting them, removing as much earth as possible, before forcing out the bags with stakes. We managed to carefully remove the bags and now had two lovely windows. We had also begun to attach the first chain of tyres. By lunch time we were ready to take the tent down. Once down it was great to see our building completely for the first and we were now ready to lay the DPC and then place the skylight on top, however it wasn’t as straight forwards as it should have been thanks to the Great British summer. The storm clouds came and with torrential rain it wasn’t an easy task but all the more important. On the plus side it gave us the chance to test the dryness of the building, and with all 9 of us inside continuing work, the structure proved itself keeping us all warm and dry. Once the rained stopped we all began to pack up, happy with the days works, with a wet DPC impractical to continue working on, we planned for tomorrow and what had to be done our final day on site.